Rural practice on the front line of the war on addiction

“I work on my feet all the time,” Dingley said. “I was taking care of my mother with Alzheimer’s, my handicapped daughter, mornings started early, ended late, I basically thought of them as my Superman pill. They didn’t effect how I acted, but they kept my legs strong and young.”

When a supposed super pill becomes a super problem, that’s where Dr. Monnie Singleton steps in. “They don’t feel guilty,” Singleton said of pain pill addicts. “They don’t necessarily see something wrong with it because, ‘Hey, I got a prescription for it.'”

Singleton is Dingley’s doctor. A big part of his rural practice is treating pain pill addictions. “Many of the people addicted to pain pills have jobs, go to work everyday, may be sitting next to you, and you would never know it,” Singleton said. Ultimately, Singleton says recovery is about facing what you’ve been hiding from and that without pain they’re cannot be gain.

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