On behalf of Singleton Health Center/Medical Center of Santee, we would like to welcome you to our healthcare facility! We are certain you will find our providers to be caring and knowledgeable; the environment to be welcoming and peaceful; and our staff to be friendly and courteous! Thank you for allowing us to provide the best possible care for your individual healthcare needs. We truly appreciate you choosing Singleton Health Center/Medical Center of Santee. On the date of your scheduled appointment, please ensure to bring the following:

1. Your completed patient registration packet
2. Your government issued identification card (ID)
3. Your insurance card
4. All medications or a list of medications you are presently taking

What We Ask of You

We make appointments for office visits. If you cannot keep your appointment, please call and tell us the day before so we can give that time slot to someone else.

If you need to talk with the physician about more than one problem, please tell the receptionist when you make your appointment so she can give you more time with the medical team.

One of the most important things to the medical staff at Singleton Health Center and Medical Center of Santee is to provide high quality care to our patients.

Medical Records

Medical Records electronically disperses and receives patients’ records consisting of vital information in their chart. It consists of physician’s findings, procedures, and treatments.
The medical history may include labs, immunizations, office visits, and hospital notes to name a few.

Patients can fill out an Authorization to Release Form if our providers need any other medical information from other offices. Also, if other health facilities are in need of records they can send over their Release Forms and we can fax or over the records.

Our charge for a patient to obtain a copy of their medical records is a fee of $25.00.

From the Desk of the Nursing Supervisor

Here at Singleton Health Center/Medical Center of Santee we are committed to providing you with the highest quality and most compassionate care, in a family atmosphere. We are part of your health care team so if you call with medical questions or needing refills ask for one of the nurses.

Many medications require ongoing refill, however, it is possible to run out of your medications prior to your next appointment. Please call during our normal business hours for a refill when you have at least 5 days of medication remaining. Also, please remember to bring all medications to every doctor’s visit.

You may be referred to a specialist for additional care. Please allow the referral coordinator at least 7 business days to secure this appointment for you. Keep in mind we are doing all we can to provide you with the best continued care. However, it is the specialty office that schedules your appointment then informs us.